Tantra - esotericism. Tantra, tantricism or tantrism is the name for a number of traditions from Indian religions. These traditions are usually esoteric in t ..


Kshirodakashayi Vishnu

In Gaudīya Vaishnavism, the Sātvata-tantra describes three different forms, or aspects, of Vishnu as Mahavishnu, Garbhodaksayī-Visnu and Ksīrodakasāyī Vishnu. Ksīrodakasāyī-Visnu resides in the heart of every living creature as a four hand expansion similar to that of Mahāvisnu. He is also referred to as Paramātmā or super soul. His abode is in all beings.



Tantra, tantricism or tantrism is the name for a number of traditions from Indian religions. These traditions are usually esoteric in their nature. Tantra exists in Hindu, Bonpo, Buddhist, and Jain forms. Tantra in its various forms has existed in South Asia, China, Japan, Tibet, Korea, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia and Mongolia.

Tantra is derived from 2 words - "Tanoti" Liberation of energy and "Trayati" Expansion of consciousness.

  • Guhyasamāja Tantra Sanskrit: Guhyasamājatantra Tibetan: Gsang dus rtsa rgyud English: Tantra of the Secret Community is a tantra method of Tibetan
  • Anuttarayogatantra Highest Yoga Tantra These Highest Yoga Tantras are divided into mother father and non - dual tantras The new schools use a practice
  • alcoholic drink and sexuality. Tantra yoga uses the same three vehicles to rise up. Tantric practices, including Tantra yoga, work on the subtle energies
  • in occultism came from a term used in Hindu Tantra Vama marga in Sanskrit. This ancient form of tantra used the breaking of rules taboos as part of
  • or Vama marga Left - Hand Path are technical terms used for practices in tantra that are considered to be outside the usual Hindu social norms. The term
  • In Gaudīya Vaishnavism, the Sātvata - tantra describes three different forms, or aspects, of Vishnu as Mahavishnu, Garbhodaksayī - Visnu and Ksīrodakasāyī
  • known as Jetsun Dolma in Tibetan, is a female Buddha linked with Buddhist tantra practice in Tibetan Buddhism. She is called the mother of liberation
  • the famous Buddhist University at Nalanda where he studied both Sutra and Tantra He had the reputation of a great scholar and debater. Later Naropa became
  • the view of emptiness. This is combined with the yogas of highest yoga tantra deities such as Guhyasamāja, Cakrasamvara, Yamāntaka and Kālacakra, where
  • Hinduism, have both astika and nastika lines as Banerji writes in Tantra in Bengal Tantras are . also divided as āstika or Vedic and nāstika or non - Vedic
  • five poetry books. He has been involved in creative writing for 20 years. Tantra Theke Durey poems Mahananda Ek Sonali Nodir naam poems Kuashar Barnamala
  • secret fire and Kalahari num Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Kundalini Tantra Eastman, David T. 1985 Kundalini Demystified Yoga Journal, September
  • Sheng - yen. Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra Archived 2006 - 12 - 30 at the Wayback Machine, ch. 2 Lu Sheng - yen. Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra Archived
  • Language: English, ISBN 1885928181, Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life by Swami Janakananda Saraswati Author Paperback:
  • tripurabhairava yantra kamana yantra chinnamasta yantra dhoomavathi yantra Mandala Tantra Khanna, Madhu 1979 Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity. Thames
  • and Traditional Tibetan medicine. Monks studied thirteen major sutra and tantra texts of the Nyingma. They also learned from found teachings called terma
  • Vedic Studies, 1 4 1 26. Samuel, Geoffrey 2010. The origins of yoga and tantra Indic religions to the thirteenth century. Cambridge University Press.
  • Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche 1999 The Crystal and The Way of Light: Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen. Snow Lion Publications. ISBN 1 - 55939 - 135 - 9 Reynolds, John
  • than 30. 1974 The book of the secrets I: discourses on Vigyana Bhairava Tantra The Rajneesh Foundation, Poona, India. Reprinted 1976 by Thames & Hudson
  • Introduction to Sir John Woodroffe s translation of Mahanirvana Tantra The word tantra means treatise or continuum and is applied to a variety
  • Martinism Sufism Islamic mysticism Hindu mysticism Surat Shabd Yoga Tantra Ananda Marga Tantra - Yoga Kemetism Egyptian neopaganism Rodnovery Slavic neopaganism
  • Sanskrit: maha - great, siddha - achiever is type of yogi important in Tantra They are found in both Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. They are connected
  • History Orzech, Charles D. general editor 2011. Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in East Asia. Brill, p. 540. Tibetan monks: A controlled life BBC News
  • at the time of death. Satguru is the only saviour. 188 The Kularnava Tantra XIV 65 states, It is very rare to find a Satguru who can give Shaktipat
  • Shambhala Publications. ISBN 1 - 57062 - 720 - 7 Yeshe, Lama 2001 Introduction to Tantra : The Transformation of Desire. Wisdom Publications, revised edition. ISBN 0 - 86171 - 162 - 9
  • or similar to the Tao and Teh of Taoism, Shakti and Shiva of the Hindu Tantras Shunyata and Bodhicitta of Buddhism, Ain Soph and Kether in the Qabalah
  • tradition which indulge and practice many types of magical traditions like Tantras sorcery Mantras spells Siddha yoga etc. It is believed that the
  • the ideas in this Gita are however common to both Shaivite and Buddhist Tantras The Markandeya Purana reports that Dattatreya, to free himself of all
  • Shiva is also mentioned in Buddhist Tantra Shiva as Upaya and Shakti as Prajna. In cosmologies of Buddhist tantra Shiva is depicted as passive, with
  • 2001 Religious Therapeutics: Body and Health in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra SUNY Press. p. 36. ISBN 978 - 0 - 7914 - 4915 - 8. Bhishagratna, Kaviraj Kunjalal

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