ⓘ Flag. A flag is a piece of coloured cloth with a special design that is put on a pole as a symbol. Flags first appeared more than 2000 years ago in China, and i ..


Thirty-second note

A thirty-second note is a note with a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 32 of the duration of a whole note which is how it gets the name. It has 3 flags or beams. A single thirty-second note is always stemmed with flags, while two or more are usually beamed in groups. In the 4 {\displaystyle {\frac {4}{4}}} time signature it has a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 8 of a beat.


Sixteenth note

A sixteenth note is a note that has a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 16 of a whole note, which is how it gets the name. It has two flags or beams. In the 4 {\displaystyle {\frac {4}{4}}} time signature it has a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 4 of a beat.


Hundred twenty-eighth note

The hundred twenty-eighth note is a note played for ​ 1 ⁄ 128 of the duration of a whole note which is where it gets its name.It has five flags or beams. In the 4 {\displaystyle {\frac {4}{4}}} time signature it has a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 32 of a beat.


Sixty-fourth note

The sixty-fourth note is a note with a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 64 of a whole note which is where it gets its name. It has four flags or beams. In the 4 {\displaystyle {\frac {4}{4}}} time signature it has a value of ​ 1 ⁄ 16 of a beat. It is the shortest common note in musical notation


Gil Vicente F.C.

Gil Vicente Futebol Clube, commonly known as Gil Vicente, is a Portuguese football club that plays in Barcelos. It currently plays in the Primeira Liga, the top division of football in Portugal. The team is named after the Portuguese playwright of the same name.


MTK Budapest FC

Magyar Testgyakorlok Kore Budapest Futball Club or shortly MTK is a Hungarian football club that is based in Jozsefvaros, Budapest. The team currently plays in the Nemzeti Bajnoksag I. They are one of the most successful Hungarian football clubs, as they have won the Hungarian League 23 times and the Hungarian Cup 12 times. The club has also won the Hungarian Super Cup 2 times. In 1955, as Voros Lobogo SE, they became the first Hungarian team to play in the European Cup. The club founded the Sandor Karoly Football Academy in 2001.


State funeral of John F. Kennedy

The State Funeral of John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, took place in Washington, D.C., during the three days after his assassination on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. The body of President Kennedy was brought back to Washington soon after his death and was placed in the East Room of the White House for 24 hours. On the Sunday after the assassination, his flag-draped casket was carried to the U.S. Capitol to lie in state. Representatives from over 90 countries attended the state funeral on Monday, November 25. After the Requiem Mass at St. Matthews Cathedra ...


Bev Bergeron

Bev Bergeron was a performer and writer of magic shows for stage and television. Besides playing his clown character, Rebo, on CBS-TV and later ABC-TV "Magic Land of Allakazam," he was head-writer for the series 5 year run. Later he got with Mark Wilson and Nani on three other projects ending with the 1970s TV specials "Pillsburys Magic Circus." In 1971, Bev Bergeron performed as Pecos Bill at Walt Disney Worlds Diamond Horseshoe Revue until 1986. Bev joined a traveling tent show when he was 17 and later wrote a book about his adventures: The Smithsonian selected "Willard The Wizard" as it ...


Szekesfehervar District

The Szekesfehervar District is a district in central-western part of Fejer County. Szekesfehervar is also the name of the district seat in the Szekesfehervar District. The Szekesfehervar District is located in Central Transdanubia.


Sopron District

The Sopron District is a district in the western part of Gyor-Moson-Sopron County. Sopron is also the name of the district seat in the Sopron District. The Sopron District is located in Western Transdanubia.


ⓘ Flag

A flag is a piece of coloured cloth with a special design that is put on a pole as a symbol.

Flags first appeared more than 2000 years ago in China, and in Europe under the Roman Empire.

There are many types of flags:

  • A National Flag is the symbol of a country nation. For example, the national flag of the United States is the Stars and Stripes; the flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Flag or Union Jack ; the national flag of France is the Tricolore and the national flag of Armenia has three colours.
  • An Ensign is a special type of national flag for use on ships. Different kinds of ships often use different kinds of ensigns. For example, warships use a naval ensign which is usually different from the ensigns used by other ships.
  • A Rank Flag is used by the head of state, as well as by a senior officer of the navy, army or air force, to show where he or she is.
  • In the past, soldiers carried beautiful flags to war. Today these ceremonial flags are used only at military parades.
  • Some states, provinces, cities and towns have their own flags. For example, all 50 states within the United States have their own state flags.
  • A Signal Flag is a flag used by ships to send messages to other ships or to people on land. Every ship keeps many different signal flags for use in different situations. Signal flags are also used for racing.
  • Flags are sometimes also used to represent a business, a sports team, a school, a political party, or other organizations.


Maverique is a gender identity that is characterized by autonym towards manhood or womanhood, while having the internal conviction that it is unrelated or not derived from none of the binary genders, while this is not a genderlessness or a gender apathy nor a gender neutrality. This identity is a non-binary gender, the flag has yellow, just as nonbinarys one, because its a photological primary color along with blue and pink.

National Flag Decoration

National Flag Decoration

The National Flag Decoration is one of the highest decorations to be given in Albania, among the civil awards and decorations. It was created on 28 March 1996. This award is given to Albanians or foreigners for extraordinary contributions to Albania.

Irkutsk Oblast

Irkutsk Oblast

Irkutsk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia. It is found in the southeast of Siberia. Irkutsk is the oblasts administrative centre.



The Republic of Adygea, also called Adyghe Republic, is a federal subject of Russia in the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe. It is the fifth-smallest federal subject in Russia.

Kingdom of Bohemia

Kingdom of Bohemia

The Kingdom of Bohemia was a kingdom that covered the Czech part of the European region of Bohemia. Its capital was Prague. Form 1526, it formed the northwestern part of the lands of the Habsburg Monarchy. The kingdom started in the 12th century, and was part of the Holy Roman Empire, while it existed. In total, there were 37 monarchs. Most were of the House Habsburg, very often in personal union. The king was also a Margrave of Moravia and a Duke of Silesia.



Luhansk is a city in eastern Ukraine, near the border with Russia. It is the administrative center of the Luhansk Oblast. In 2020, 401.297 people lived there.

O le Ao o le Malo

O le Ao o le Malo

The O le Ao o le Malo is the Head of State of Samoa. The government Press Secretariat describes Head of State as a "ceremonial president". The holder is given the formal style of Highness.



The districts of Mechernich are: Antweiler, Berg, Bergbuir, Bergheim, Bescheid, Bleibuir, Breitenbenden, Denrath, Dreimuhlen, Eicks, Eiserfey, Firmenich, Floisdorf, Gehn, Glehn, Harzheim, Heufahrtshutte, Holzheim, Hostel, Kalenberg, Kallmuth, Katzvey, Kommern, Kommern-Sud, Lessenich, Lorbach, Luckerath, Mechernich, Obergartzem, Rissdorf, Roggendorf, Satzvey, Schaven, Schutzendorf, Strempt, Urfey, VoiSel, Vollem, Vussem, Wachendorf, Weiler am Berge, WeiSenbrunnen, Weyer and Wielsputz.



Lutsk is a city on the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine. It is the administrative centre of Volyn Oblast. In 2020, 217.315 people lived there.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is an agency of the US federal government within the United States Department of the Interior dedicated to the management of fish, wildlife, and natural habitats. The mission of the agency is "working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people."

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