International Standard Name Identifier - creative works. The International Standard Name Identifier is a 16-digit number which uniquely identifies people who ..

International Standard Name Identifier

International Standard Name Identifier

The International Standard Name Identifier is a 16-digit number which uniquely identifies people who have contributed to creative works such as books, newspapers, music, plays, movies, and television programs. The ISNI Agency runs the database of numbers. It is part of the International Organization for Standardization.

The ISNI Agency holds public records of over 9.8 million identities. The ISNI database project began in 2011.

  • The International Standard Book Number, ISBN, is a unique commercial book identifier barcode. The ISBN system was created in the United Kingdom, in 1966
  • ISO 4217 is the international standard describing three - letter codes also known as the currency code to define the names of currencies, as established
  • item of a large number of items. Not every numerical identifier is a serial number identifying numbers which are not serial numbers are sometimes called
  • Ermeni. Historically, the name Armenian has come to internationally designate this group of people from the most common Armenian names Arman, Արման Armenians
  • copy as title link IUPAC Announces the Names of the Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. 2016 - 11 - 30
  • United Nations, along with English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese. Standard Russian is also called modern literary Russian Современный русский литературный
  • Mountain, in Korean and Japanese. Other uses: Senior Advocate of Nigeria Standard Address Number, a number used in the book trade to identify a supplier.
  • Transgender people are people who identify act, or feel different from their assigned sex at birth. The word transgender may describe many different
  • involved in Internet Engineering Task Force protocols, like uniform resource identifier URI schemes. It also recommends character encodings to use on the Internet
  • maintained by the T10 technical committee of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards INCITS and promoted by the SCSI Trade Association
  • organization between countries established on 24 October 1945 to promote international cooperation. It was founded to replace the League of Nations following
  • Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture. Sometimes it is called by its historical name Naniwa. Because it is by the sea, it is good for transportation. That is
  • the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul it shares the highest standard of living in Brazil, despite of pockets of blight poverty in its largest
  • Students in Free Enterprise SIFE is an international non - profit organization. It works with university students who want to change their communities
  • programming. In 1990 the Pascal and Extended Pascal standards were registered with the International Organization for Standardization. Every variable has
  • The International Language in Esperanto. Soon, people began calling it by the simpler name Esperanto, which means one who hopes That name comes
  • automotives, one internationally - reputed watches manufacturer IWC and drug industry Cilag, founded by Bernhard Joos Arealstatistik Standard - Gemeinden
  • Central America. It used to be called British Honduras, but changed its name in 1973. Long before that it was part of the Mayan Empire. Belize is the
  • brothers. Simon The Canaanite Simon The Cananaean Simon The Zealot - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Bible Study Tools. Retrieved 2018 - 02 - 11.
  • Kazakhstan is a country in the middle of Eurasia. Its official name is the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the ninth biggest country in the world
  • Standard EXCEL FILES 1 Population WPP2019 POP F01 1 TOTAL POPULATION BOTH SEXES.xlsx Turkmenistan International Monetary Fund. Retrieved
  • evening. Refrigeration units were not used as often in the morning on standard time. He went on to say that energy use would rise because there would
  • jokingly called a fine city. Not only does the city have a very high standard of living, but it is also known for having many strict rules and punishments
  • national and international level. For example, it is the leading partner in developing and maintaining bibliographic rules and standards in Germany and
  • education center of China for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The standard Chinese pronunciation is based on Beijing dialect, so over 70 foreigners
  • industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, etc. . Vol. II. Standard Pub. Co. Chicago: 1912 pp. 386 387. US Gazetteer files 2010 United
  • time notation in Canada. World Factbook: Canada CIA. May 16, 2006. Standard Time Zones Map 6923 ed. 1: 20000000. Atlas of Canada, 6th Edition.
  • became the capital city of Japan in the middle of 19th century, when its name changed from Edo to Tokyo Before then, Kyoto was the capital of Japan
  • Sahara Desert covers 40 of Tunisia. The other 60 is a fertile area. Standard Arabic is the official language by the Tunisian constitution. But Tunisians
  • Index was highest in Africa, the country ranked at 53 overall as High standard on living bases. Libya remained a debt - free nation. In 2011, Human rights

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