Oral law - oral tradition. An oral law are rules of human behavior in use in a given culture, religion or other group, which is transmitted by oral tradition ..


Oral law

An oral law are rules of human behavior in use in a given culture, religion or other group, which is transmitted by oral tradition and respected. Oral law is spoken, as opposed to statutory law, which is written down. Like customary law, oral laws depend not on legislation passed by a government, but rather tradition, custom and precedent.

Many cultures do have an oral law, while most legal systems of today have a formal written organisation.

  • An oral tradition or oral culture is a way of transmitting history, literature or law from one generation to the next, without a writing system, by voice
  • Statutory law is written law as opposed to oral or customary law set down by a legislature or other governing authority such as the executive branch
  • The Mishnah was written down about 200 C.E. The Mishna is about the oral laws of Judaism. The Gemara was written down around the year 500. It discusses
  • Halakha is the Hebrew word for the Jewish code of laws A long time ago, these laws were oral spoken, but not written down Once they became written
  • things like history, literature, and law to be passed down from generation to generation without a writing system. Oral history is history that is given by
  • Sodomy is anal or oral sex. The word sodomy is derived from Sodom and Gomorrah in the Book of Genesis. Some countries have passed laws making sodomy a crime
  • The laws and teachings of Judaism come from the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible and oral traditions. Some of these were first oral traditions
  • behaviors that do not include the penetration of sexual organs, such as oral intercourse or anal intercourse or by non - sexual organs fingering, fisting
  • Illegal drugs are drugs which a person is not allowed to own or use. The law says a person cannot own an controlled drug without permission. A drug is
  • Interested members of the public and organisations may make oral or written submissions, and listen to oral evidence given by other parties. Research on the effects
  • Retrieved 2015 - 11 - 12. Amdahl, Gene M.. Interview with Arthur L. Norberg. Oral history interview with Gene M. Amdahl. Charles Babbage Institute. 1989. Assessed
  • in Ancient Greece. He wrote laws that were to be enforced only by a court. This constitution replaced the system of oral law and blood feuding that had
  • 23, 2008. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter link Oral History Interview with Howell Heflin from Oral Histories of the American South This short article
  • Report Hansard House of Commons, Westminster 9 June 2008 Hansard Oral Questions to the Home Department 9 June 2008 Publications.parliament
  • Papers at the Library of Congress Transcript: The Justice Harry A. Blackmun Oral History Project Harry Blackmun on IMDb This short article about a person from
  • States made both oral sex and anal sex illegal. However, state laws did not agree on who could not do these things. Every state law made sodomy between
  • started in the magistrates court. The complaint may be either written or oral A demurrer is a pleading usually filed by a defendant It objects to the
  • & Archives of Florida. Julian Bond at Oral History Interview with Julian Bond from Oral Histories of the American South Faculty Profile One
  • Jewish oral law Maimonides completed these books, called Mishneh Torah, in about 1178. They are one of the most important collections of Jewish laws When
  • at Columbia University s Rare Book and Manuscript Library David Dinkins s oral history video excerpts at The National Visionary Leadership Project This
  • Epic poems: once important memes for preserving oral history writing has largely superseded their oral transmission. Conspiracy theories Recipes Fashions
  • October 1966. Media related to Nicholas Katzenbach at Wikimedia Commons Oral History Interviews with Nicholas Katzenbach, from the Lyndon Baines Johnson
  • University CASAColumbia NNDB biographical article Oral History Interview with Joseph Califano from Oral Histories of the American South Califano Appearances
  • written, and are signed by the judge. Some orders, however, are spoken orally by the judge in open court, and are only reduced to writing in the transcript
  • discouraged parameter link Media related to Cyrus Vance at Wikimedia Commons Oral History Interviews with Cyrus Vance Archived 2001 - 11 - 26 at the Library of
  • only certain sex acts are legal vaginal sex for money is against the law while oral sex for money is legal. There are some places, where prostitution is
  • 2013 - 03 - 31. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter link Photos of John Connally Oral History Interviews with John Connally, from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
  • River was once different, following the Carrum Carrum swamp. This was an oral history that accurately described a landscape from 10 000 years ago. the
  • pleaded guilty to the charge of gross indecency. If two men either have oral or anal sex, this is called sodomy. It is punished differently, in places
  • own government. They did not have to follow laws made by the United States. Therefore, Jackson signed laws that let him take nearly all the Cherokees

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